09 Maio 2018 May 9

CityToolBox is a learning platform encouraging young people to take action in the city. It provides them with the practical ‘know-how’ to become the protagonists in transforming the city.

Included in the CityToolBox Festival, the Mobility Workshop promoted by Kaja Pogačar of the University of Maribor, will be held on May 9 in the Department of Social, Political and Territorial Sciences (DCSPT) of the the University of Aveiro.

This Workshop is open for students and citizens.

Preliminary program:

a. Why we are here / City tool box – change it yourself! / ŠTUDBIKE / active bottom-up approach / importance of cycling / …
b. Introduction of the group
c. Discussion on the topic of cycling – how do you come to the faculty (walking, cycling, public transport, car), reasons pro and contra…
d. Questionnaire ŠTUDBIKE
e. Research area - analysis upon a big map
f. Problems / opportunities – mark them

a. Work in groups – brainstorming upon what could be done (in a short time span) to improve the cycling culture /infrastructure or to mobilise people for cycling (tactical urbanism approach/ direct physical intervention/ impacts / creative approach)
b. Interventions proposals / in the field of cycling culture, infrastructure, communication, gamification, protest, … (possible solutions: to draw different signs with stencils, to construct a small analogue bike counter, to personalize bike stands, to create a game, to make a model of a campus and present some topics upon it, to perform some interviews with students... *) 
c. Available materials (i.e.: cardboard, wooden sticks 3/5/200cm, paper tubes, chalk spray…)
d. Presentations of groups – present your hack!

3. Execution 
a. Field work - Work in 2 to 4 groups (depends on the number of students and the complexity of the task)
b. Documentation, photographing, interviews with students…
c. Final presentation and celebration!

4. After the workshop - placing the cycling mobilization tool on the City Tool Box platform

Participation is free, but attendees need to register at:

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